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21 Massachusetts EMT Training Programs
Boston College

Boston College offers both EMT-Basic and EMT-Refresher courses through Eagle EMS.

The EMT-Basic course is offered in the Spring and Fall semesters each year. Classes and training are held three days s week for a total of 16 hours each week. The cost of the program is $800, plus $150 for Massachusetts State Test Fees. The program is 140 hours of training and preparation for students to gain the adequate skills and knowledge that make up an EMT. This program prepares students for the EMT state certification exam as well. The EMT-Basic Refresher course reviews the skills and knowledge that is presented in the EMT-Basic course. This course is 24 hours and is required for EMT’s to take every two years. The EMT-Basic Refresher course includes one full day of class time going over EMT practical skills and also involves study material to be take home.

Boston EMS Training Academy

The City of Boston offers EMT-Basic, EMT-Refresher, and EMT-Paramedic courses through The Boston EMS Training Academy.

Refresher courses are provided for individuals who are already EMT-Basic or EMT-Paramedic certified. These classes are used to go over basic EMT skills and provide EMT’s with the knowledge of new equipment, new and existing treatment protocols, and to review case studies. EMT-Basic and EMT-Paramedic courses are taught through didactic and field internships. Those who receive their training from The Boston EMS Training Academy receive additional training and internship hours that go beyond the basic training state requirements. EMT-Paramedic students receive over 80 hours of operating room and emergency room rotations, 120 hours ambulance riding time, and 360 hours with a Field Training Officer. The EMT-Basic program is offered twice a year. It includes 150 hours of training in the classroom, emergency room, and ambulance. Students receive a Boston EMS certificate once they successfully complete the program and are eligible to sit for State certification and licensing examination.

Boston University

Boston University offers training for individuals who are interested in serving their community, saving lives, and being part of a pre-hospital emergency medical team as an EMT.

The EMT-Basic course at Boston University prepares students to take the written and practical EMT state exam or the National Registry of EMT’s exam. Students will be prepared for these exams through training in didactic, clinical, and field settings. Training courses include Anatomy and Physiology, Patient Assessment, CPR, Cardiac, Respiratory, Neurological, Diabetic, Environmental, and Behavioral Emergencies, Childbirth, Trauma, Pediatrics, Shock, Spinal Injuries, and much more. Along with classroom lecture and discussions, students will also receive training though 8 hours of ambulance riding time, 4 hours of emergency room observation, and 25 sets of vital signs that will be taken outside of class time.

Emergency Medical Teaching Services, Inc.

Emergency Medical Teaching Services, Inc. provides EMT training for individuals at all levels of their EMT career. Courses are offered at the EMT-Basic level, the EMT-Paramedic advanced level, and EMS Refresher courses at all levels.

The EMT-Basic program is 120 hours of classroom training for individuals who have no training background as an EMT. Students will be trained on the policies, rules, regulations, and terminology used in the emergency medical services field. Training will also include assessing patients, recognizing common methods of injury, physical trauma, environmental emergencies, triage, and skills in pediatric, geriatric, and gynecologic emergencies. Students will be prepared to handle different medical emergencies through the critical thinking skills they will gain. The EMT-Paramedic program prepares individuals to perform advanced life support including cardiac, medication administration, airway management, vehicle extrication, trauma, and much more. Students will be trained through 300 hours of classroom participation and 400 hours of clinical training. Both programs prepare you to sit for state and national certification exams and gain the skills and knowledge needed to be an entry level or advanced level EMT.

EMS Academy

The EMS Academy offers EMT training courses in six different locations around Massachusetts.

This EMT-Basic course is an accredited, 12 week course that includes classroom training, shifts in hospital clinical settings, ambulance riding time, and field training in utilizing EMT equipment and skills in a hands-on environment. This program is offered in both the Spring and Summer semesters. The Spring semester course is a night class that meets three nights a week for four hours and two Saturdays. Summer courses are offered as a day or night class, 2 days a week, and eight Saturdays. This program lasts 10 weeks. The course fee is between $800 - $1049, depending on which location and school your training is held at. The course fee includes textbooks, CPR training, lab and field components, and the State Practical Exam fee. The State Certification fee of $150 is not included. Students will be trained in the proper techniques and skills needed to handle acute illnesses, medical emergencies, traumatic emergencies, child birth, ambulance operations, splinting techniques, and proper communication and documentation, just to name a few.

Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College offers EMT courses for individuals wishing to begin or continue this exciting and rewarding career in pre-hospital emergency care. Courses are offered at the EMT-Paramedic, EMT-Intermediate, EMT-Basic, and EMT-Refresher levels.

All of these EMT programs lead to eligibility of certification at the state and national levels at their respective levels upon successful completion of the courses. The EMT-Paramedic program is a 17 month program that meets two evenings each week and an average of two Saturdays per month for 11 months. The final 6 months are continued through clinical and field internship experiences. The EMT-Intermediate program provides additional training in EMS skills at a more advanced level for individuals who already have their EMT-Basic certification. This program is completed through classroom, clinical and field experiences for nine months. The EMT-Basic course is an entry-level course. This course can be taken for certification purposes only, or individuals may gain college credit as well. Refresher courses are offered in classroom settings or online.

Human Services Training Consultants, Inc.

Human Services Training Consultants, Inc. is located in West Springfield, MA, and offers training for individuals beginning or continuing their Emergency Medical Technician careers.

HSTCI offers training at EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate, and EMT-Paramedic levels. Students can choose to take these courses as either day or evening classes, whichever is more convenient for them. The program is $760 and is offered in the Summer, Fall, and Spring semesters. Day classes are from 8am-12pm and evening classes are from 6pm-10pm. These classes are held 2-4 days per week and include 127 hours of didactic, clinical, and field training. Upon successful completion of these courses students will be prepared to sit for state and national certification examinations to begin their careers as a professional EMT.

Massachusetts Emergency Care Training Academy

Massachusetts Emergency Care Training Academy offers many different avenues of emergency medical training including EMT-Basic and EMT-Basic Refresher courses.

Both the EMT-Basic and Refresher courses are accredited by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The EMT-Basic program prepares students to sit for certification through state and national level written and practical exams. The training offered through MECTA gives students the confidence, skills, and knowledge needed for individuals to care for patients who are facing sudden illness and trauma. This course is $300. The EMT-Basic Refresher course offers EMT certification and license renewal for EMT’s facing expired licensure. This course goes over all aspects of emergency medical care for sick or injured individuals. The course is $95, 24 hours in length, and includes both lecture and practical skills.

Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School

Monty Tech, in Fetchburg, MA, offers EMT training for individuals seeking a career in the Emergency Medical Services field.

This program is an approved training institution by the Office of Emergency Medical Services and exceeds the minimum standards required by OEMS. Students who join this EMT training program will receive 180 hours of training to become successful and competent EMT professionals. The cost of this program is $950, including tuition and textbooks, and the program lasts two semesters. Training begins in the Fall Semester and classes are held on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and occasional Saturdays. Students must supply their own blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, and CPR Pocket Mask. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be eligible to sit for the state certification exam. This is a practical exam and the fee is $150. There is also a second part, written exam that is $40.

National College of Technical Institution

The National College of Technical Institution is a recognized EMT training company across the country and offers their services in the Boston and Springfield areas of Massachusetts.

NCTI offers training at the EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate, and EMT-Paramedic levels. All programs fulfill training requirements set by the State. The EMT-Basic course is taught through interactive and hands-on practices, including 36 hours of ride along time with an ambulance service. Students will observe and perform patient assessments, assist in CPR, C-Spine, Immobilization, and Airway Management, and help deliver patients to local hospitals. This program is $845 and offered in the summer and fall semesters. The EMT-Intermediate course is advanced EMT training and prepares students to take the National Registry EMT-I/85 or EMT-I/99 exam. EMT-Intermediate students are assigned to both hospital clinical shifts and ambulance ride-along shifts. EMT-Paramedic is the highest level of training for EMT’s. This course includes Didactic and Lab training, Clinical Rotations, and a Field Internship. This is an extensive training program that requires full commitment. The Didactic and Lab portion of training is 500-700 hours, approximately 7-8 months, and 16-24 hours per week. The Clinical Rotation takes place in an acute care hospital, is 150-300 hours, and approximately 2-3 months. The Field Internship is 360-720 hours, and approximately 4-6 months. Most students complete this program in one year and each course prepares students for state and national certification among successful completion of course and passing examinations.

National Medical Education & Training Center

The National Medical Education & Training Center offers training at the EMT-Basic and the EMT-Paramedic levels. The EMT-Basic course is 165 hours of training and preparation for handling medical emergencies using basic life support skills. Students will receive training in anatomy and physiology, patient assessment, triage, airway management, oxygen therapy, shock, and bleeding control. Other medical injuries such as fractures, spinal injuries, and cardiac arrest will also be discussed. Students will then complete clinical rotations at a local hospital and a field internship with a local ambulance service. Students will earn 6 college credits through this program.

The EMT-Paramedic program trains individuals who are already EMT-Basic or EMT-Intermediate certified and wishes to pursue certification as a Paramedic. This program is taught through didactic, clinical, and internship experiences. The didactic portion includes 1150 hours of Advanced Life Support training. Students will have the opportunity to learn with hands-on experience in simulations and emergency medicine training equipment. The clinical portion of training is 250 hours spent in the ER, OR, ICU, CCU, PEDI and OB. The field internship consists of 250 hours of ambulance riding time.

North Adams Ambulance Service

North Adams Ambulance Service offers training for individuals who wish to serve their community, save lives, and be a vital member of a medical emergency team as an EMT. The program consists of EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate, and EMT-Refresher courses.

The EMT-Basic course is made up of 144 hours of classroom and practical training. No prior experience or training is required to begin this course. Upon successful completion of this course, graduates will be eligible for state and national certification through practical and written examinations. Refresher courses are available for individuals to be eligible for recertification upon the end of the initial certification period. These courses consist of 28 hours of additional training. The EMT-Intermediate course includes classroom training, field training, and in-hospital training. Refresher courses for the EMT-Intermediate certification include 12 hours of additional training.

Northeastern University

Located in Boston, Northeastern University offers Emergency Medical Services training for individuals interested in EMT-Basic, EMT-Paramedic, or EMT-Refresher courses.

EMT-Basic is the first level of training for individuals looking to begin their EMT career, and it requires no prior experience. This program is offered as a seven week or twelve week course and is 9 quarter hours. It is offered in Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer semesters and costs $1395. The EMT-Paramedic program is for individuals who are already EMT-Basic certified and have at least six months of EMT experience. This program consists of 1200 hours of training through classroom time, lab time, clinical experience, and field internships, and lasts about 16 months. Students will earn 57 quarter hours of college credit that can be transferred to the College of Professional Studies’ Associate of Science in Paramedic Technology degree program. The total cost of this program is $20,349 and it is offered in all four semesters.

Patriot Ambulance, Inc.

Patriot Ambulance, Inc. of Marlborough, MA offers training for individuals interested in receiving their EMT certification.

The EMT-Basic program at Patriot Ambulance lasts about three months and classes are held two nights a week from 6-10 pm. Students are trained in a large array of medical emergency skills to prepare them for this challenging yet very rewarding career. Students will study pathophysiology, assessment and management of adult and pediatric patients, and medical, trauma, behavioral, obstetrical, and gynecological emergencies. This program is $800 and upon successful completion of the course students will be eligible to sit for state and national certification examinations. Once students complete the course and gain their EMT certification they will be prepared to perform and complete pre-hospital patient assessment and explain current legal aspects of pre-hospital care. They will also be able to identify and treat common medical emergencies, traumatically injured patients, and special patient populations including women in labor, children, the elderly, and persons facing environmental emergencies.

Quality EMS Educators, Inc.

Quality EMS Educators, Inc. serves Worcester County and the Central and Western parts of Massachusetts. They conveniently offer emergency medical training at all levels of the EMS profession for those already in the profession and those who are interested in beginning this exciting career.

Individuals can take part in EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate, EMT-Paramedic, and EMT-Refresher courses. The EMT-Basic course is offered beginning in January, May, and September and lasts approximately 3 months. Classes are held 2-3 evenings during the week, and an occasional Saturday class. The cost of this program is $800 and includes books. The EMT-Intermediate program is for individuals who are already EMT-Basic certified and have worked in the field for at least one year. This program improves your EMT skills, gives additional training, and could possibly qualify you for an increase in pay. The program is $2500 and includes text books. The EMT-Paramedic program is 18-24 months and is the highest level of training for EMT’s. Students will be enabled to administer drugs orally and intravenously, interpret EKG’s, perform advanced detailed assessments and use other complex medical equipment. The cost of this program is $7,000 and includes text books and clinical insurance.

Quinsigamond Community College

For individuals who wish to further their training experience and have more professional responsibilities as an EMT, Quinsigamond Community College offers EMT-Paramedic training courses.

This paramedic course is accredited by the Massachusetts Office of Emergency Medical Services and prepares individuals to sit for the Massachusetts certification examination. Certified paramedics may also choose to go on and earn their associates degree as well. Candidates of this program must have a high school diploma or GED, and must take the college placement test to determine math and English levels, unless college level courses have already been taken. Prospective students must also have a current EMT-Basic certification and one year of full time experience that is verified by an employer. Students will also have to have certain background checks completed. This program is completed in four semesters and includes classroom training, clinical experience, and a field placement.

Southcoast Training

Southcoast Training, in Fairhaven, MA, offers EMT-Basic, EMT-Paramedic, and EMT-Refresher courses for individuals beginning their EMT training or wishing to gain further training.

The EMT-Basic acts as a prerequisite for EMT-Intermediate and EMT-Paramedic courses and also allows for certification and entry-level emergency medical work. The EMT-Basic course is 140 hours of lectures and lasts between 11 to 14 hours. The program also includes 10 hours of observation time on an ambulance. The tuition for the course is $200 to $400. The EMT-Paramedic course is for individuals who have already acquired EMT certification and work experience and are looking to further their educational training and gain more responsibility as a professional. This program is taught through didactic, clinical, and field internship experiences. Students will receive training in Advanced Life Support. Upon successful completion of these programs, students will be eligible to sit for state and national certification examinations at their respective levels.

Springfield Technical Community College

Springfield Technical Community College offers EMS training at the EMT-Basic level for individuals wishing to begin a challenging, yet exciting career that serves its community, helps and even saves lives, and plays a vital role on emergency medical teams.

This EMT-Basic program consists of 127 hours of training and costs $760. Students must also be prepared to purchase their own textbooks at about $175. This program is offered in the Summer and Fall semesters. Training is completed through classroom lecture, field trips, and workshops. Training as an EMT will prepare you for an excellent foundation in Basic Life Support Skills and techniques, patient assessment, and safe transportation of patients. You will also be trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, automatic external defibrillation, patient assessment, wound care, splinting, neck and back immobilization, oxygen therapy, resuscitation techniques, patient handling, and general knowledge of the ambulance. Students will also take part in three hours of hands-on field exercises.

University of Massachusetts

The University of Massachusetts offers EMT training at the basic level for individuals looking for an exciting and advancing career in the field of Emergency Medical Services.

As a part of this EMT training program, students will be eligible and prepared to take the Massachusetts EMT Certification Examination. Training can be done in either in the Fall or Spring Semesters, as well as the Summer Semester if enough students are enrolled. As a part of this program you do not have to be a student at the University of Massachusetts, but is offered to any individual who wants to be trained in helping and saving the lives of the ill or injured. The class is offered Tuesday and Thursday evenings as well as some Sundays and costs $750. Students will be trained through didactic and hands-on learning experiences for approximately 130 hours. Your EMT certification will last for two years. As an EMT you are required to take continuing education and refresher courses to gain recertification after the two year time period.

Village Ambulance Service, Inc.

Village Ambulance Service, Inc. offers Emergency Medical Services training at the EMT-Basic and EMT-Intermediate levels as well as Refresher courses for recertification.

The EMT-Basic course consists of 135 hours of classroom training time. Upon successful completion of this training students will be eligible to sit for the Massachusetts EMT-Basic examination. This program is $750 and includes tuition, textbooks, and workbooks. The EMT-Intermediate course is for those who are already EMT-Basic certified. Students will receive additional training as an EMT and be enabled to take on greater professional responsibilities. This program is $1200 and includes tuition, textbooks and workbooks. Refresher courses are offered at the EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate, and EMT-Paramedic levels. These courses ensure your recertification so that you may continue on your exciting and rewarding career as an EMT by saving lives, serving your community, and being a part of an emergency medical team.

Westfield State University

Westfield State University offers an EMT-Basic certification program for individuals interested in beginning a career in Emergency Medical Services.

During EMT training, students will gain the skills and knowledge needed to handle cardiopulmonary arrest, severe bleeding and shock, fractured bones, heart attacks, strokes, burn and poison issues, emergency child birth, pediatrics, environmental emergencies, and other forms of medical and emotional emergencies. Students will also be expected to complete 5 different patient assessments during training. This EMT-Basic program costs $585 which includes tuition, the Practical Exam Fee, and the Lab Fee. The course lasts 3 months long and classes are held two nights of the week from 6:30-10:30 PM. Upon successful completion of this course, graduate will be prepared to sit for state and national certification examinations. The application fee for the Massachusetts EMT Certification is $150 and is not included in the cost of the course.

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