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11 Indiana EMT Training Programs
Community Health Network

Through the Community Health Network in Indianapolis, you can receive either EMT-Basic or EMT-Paramedic training.

The EMT-Basic course begins in January and July each year with classes being on Monday and Wednesday from 6 to 9:30 pm. These classes are held at Community Hospital East. The course is about 21 weeks and students must participate in 24 hours of clinical time in an emergency department and 24 hours with an EMS provider. This course is $700 which includes lab fees, handouts, and books. The EMT-Paramedic program is approximately 14 months and includes didactic, clinical, and internship training. Classes are held on Mondays and Thursdays at Community Hospital East. The cost for this course is $5000 and includes lab and technical fees, tuition, sub-courses and books.

Upon successful completion of both of these courses, graduates will be prepared for state and national certification at their respective levels and be able to begin the EMT career they have always hoped for.

Elkhart General Healthcare System

Elkhart General Healthcare System provides individuals the opportunity to receive training in EMT-Basic, EMT-Advanced or EMT-Paramedic levels.

EGHS has many educational advantages due to its certifications and accreditations. The EMT program has been certified by the Indiana Public Safety Training Institute and is only one of five in the state that is Nationally Accredited through the Committee on Accreditation on Allied Health Education Programs. The program will give students training in classroom, hospital clinical, and field education settings. Those who are a part of the EMT-Paramedic course can also go on to receive their Associates Degree in Emergency Medical Services from Vincennes University. This degree will enable and prepare students to take on management and supervisory positions.

So put your career and educational goals on hold no longer and check into Elhart General Healthcare Systems’ EMT program to see if it is the program for you.

Franciscan St. Elizabeth Health

Franciscan St. Elizabeth Health has been providing Emergency Medical Services training for over 30 years in the Lafayette area of Indiana.

Through their EMS programs, individuals can receive training through the EMT-Basic, EMT-Advanced, or EMT-Paramedic levels. Professionals who have already gained certification at any of these levels can also take continuing education courses at each level. Students will receive didactic and clinical training through the EMT programs. EMT- Basic and Advanced programs begin in April and October. EMT-Paramedic course begin every January. Students who successfully complete the programs will be eligible to sit for the national and state certification examinations.

Franciscan St. Elizabeth Health could possibly be offering the EMT program for you to receive high levels of EMT training to meet your educational and professional goals.

Goshen Hospital

At Goshen Hospital in Indiana, EMT training is provided for individuals interested in providing emergency care to ill or injured patients in pre-hospital or hospital emergency department settings.

Through the EMT-Basic program, students will be trained in basic life support procedures and the care and transportation of sick or injured patients. The EMT-Paramedic program offers higher training and preparation for bringing life-saving diagnostic and treatment skills to patients in emergency settings. This training includes ECG interpretation, emergency pharmacology and advanced life-support procedures.

So whether you are looking for entry-level training or career advancement in the Emergency Medical Services field, Goshen Hospital will train you on the skills and knowledge you need.

Indiana University

Indiana University conveniently offers EMT training course in eight different locations.

This program will prepare students to be the first on the scene of an emergency to care for victims facing injury or illness in pre-hospital environments. Students will learn life saving techniques such as airway management, diabetes management, managing cardiovascular emergencies, shock and trauma emergencies, IV therapy, OB emergencies, medication administration, and patient assessment. Upon successful completion of this course students will be eligible to become EMT certified by passing the Indiana state written and practical exam or the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians.

So whether you want to work with a hospital, ambulance, or fire department and be committed to saving lives and serving your community, you can gain EMT training through Indiana University.

Indiana University Health

If you live in the Indianapolis area and have had hopes of working in a fire, police, or other emergency department, Indiana University Health may be the place for you to begin your training.

At IUH you can receive EMT training that will prepare you to assess and manage medical emergencies, give pre-hospital care, manage emergencies involving children and the elderly, perform CPR and airway management, and perform emergency childbirth. This training is part-time and is completed in five months. It includes two half-day sessions per week, 24 hours of ambulance experience, and 24 hours of emergency room experience. Classes start the second weeks of January and July.

At Indian University Health you can begin or further your EMT training, be eligible for state and national certifications, and begin the career you have always hoped for in serving your community.

Ivy Tech Community College

If you have had trouble finding an EMT program in your area of Indiana, Ivy Tech Community College may have a location near you within one of its 21 locations.

Ivy Tech Community College offers an EMT-Paramedic program for individuals who want to go to the next level of emergency care and job opportunity. Students will be trained through clinical and practical instruction as well as a field internship. Upon successful completion of this course, graduates will then be able to take state certification examinations. For individuals who are already EMT-Paramedic certified, you can earn your Associate of Science degree in just six general education courses for even further training and more job opportunities.

So put your career goals on hold no more, and check into one of Ivy Tech Community Colleges 21 locations and see if they are offering a program that is right for you.

Methodist Hospital

If you live in the Gary or Merillville areas of Indiana and are interested in gaining training as an Emergency Medical Technician, Methodist Hospital may be the place for you.

At Methodist Hospital, you can begin your EMT training. For those who already have EMT training, you can take part in continuing education programs for national certification. Students will be trained in Advanced Life Support and will be prepared to work in fire departments, hospital emergency services, and other private and public emergency services in the community. Students will be prepared to be the first on the scene of an emergency and provide the proper medical techniques needed to save lives and help individuals who are facing emergency injury or illnesses.

Pelham Training

Pelham Training is a training facility in South Central Indiana that provides EMT-Basic and Paramedic courses as well as EMT-Basic and Paramedic Refresher courses.

Students will be trained in quality EMS education to help patients facing emergency injuries, illnesses, or accidents. EMT-Basic courses include clinical observation time in the emergency room and on an ambulance. Students will gain the confidence needed to deal with emergency situations through this course. This course can also be offered through an accelerated format that is over a two week daily schedule. The EMT-paramedic course trains individuals in the highest level of certification in EMS. It is a 12 month program that is spent in classrooms, ambulances, and hospitals. There is also an accelerated avenue for this program that requires a full time commitment to training over a three month period.

Through both of these programs at Pelham Training, students will be eligible for state and national certification upon successful completion of the courses and will be well on their way to beginning the careers they have hoped for.

St. Vincent Health

Located in Indianapolis, St. Vincent Health offers EMT programs that may be the right fit for you.

These programs will give students the ability to gain the skills and knowledge needed to effectively perform pre-hospital care to individuals facing medical emergencies. The EMT-Basic program is $650 which does not include textbooks. Classes are on-going throughout the year. Prospective students must be at least 18 and have a high school diploma. The EMT-Paramedic course is 1100 hours of didactic instruction, clinical experience in the hospital, and an ambulance internship. Program tuition is $4100 and does not include textbooks and uniforms. Applicants of this program must be Indiana EMT-Basic certified and successfully complete each part of the entrance testing process.

Students who successfully complete these courses will be eligible for state and national certification examinations and be prepared to begin the EMT careers they hope to have.

Vincennes University

Vincennes University offers two different EMT tracks to fit the individual needs of future EMT students.

Students can either choose the one-year certificate track or the AS degree track. The one-year certificate course requires that students already have EMT-Basic or EMT-Advanced certification and at least one years’ experience before entering the program. This program will prepare students as paramedics and will be eligible to take the National Registry Certification Examination. Those who wish to begin the AS degree will receive EMT-Basic training their first semester and will obtain EMT-Basic experience their second semester. Both programs include summer internships in the Vincennes area and will include hospital clinical and ambulance riding time.

This intensive EMT program will train and prepare students to serve their community and be the first to help ill or injured patients in medical emergencies.

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