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8 Georgia EMT Training Programs
Atlanta Technical College

At Atlanta Technical College you can gain EMT training and education at both the EMT-Basic and EMT-Intermediate levels.

The EMT-Basic program provides training, knowledge, and skills in different aspects of the EMT at a basic level. It is a 20 credit hour course and is $1,649. The program is conveniently offered in both Day and Evening classes. The EMT-Intermediate program provides additional training, skills, and knowledge in areas of advanced life support that are above the basic level. This program is 27 credit hours and is $2,193. Both programs prepare students to become state and nationally certified at their respective levels.

So whether you are looking to begin your EMT career or gain more EMT training, look into Atlanta Technical College to provide you with the EMT career you are hoping for.

Athens Technical College

At Athens Technical College you can receive EMT training at either the EMT-Basic or the EMT-Intermediate levels.

The EMT-Basic course is 20 credit hours and the EMT-Intermediate course is 27 credit hours. Students will receive training through classroom and clinical settings. Students will be trained to function as EMT’s in the field by providing emergency medical care to sick and injured patients. Study topics of the courses include human anatomy, physiology, medical and legal considerations, rescue options, pathophysiology, pharmacology, respiratory emergencies, medical emergencies, pediatrics, childbirth delivery, trauma, and cardiology.

You can begin your career as an EMT today by joining Athens Technical College and be prepared to take the national practical and written examination for certification upon successful completion of the course.

Augusta Technical College

If you live in the Augusta area of Georgia and wish to gain more EMT training, Augusta Technical College may be the place for you to receive additional educational experience.

The EMT program at ATC is designed to provide the additional training, knowledge, and skills needed to provide advanced life support above the basic level. Those who complete this program successfully will be prepared to take the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician EMT-I Certification examination and receive Georgia certification. Students who complete this program successfully will also be prepared to assess and treat both pre-hospital medical and traumatic emergencies. Students will learn in classroom settings as well as obtain clinical and lab experience.

So if you are an EMT who wishes to gain more education, receive additional training, take on more professional responsibility, and continue on in your EMT career goals, Augusta Technical College may be the place for you to continue your education.

Central Georgia Technical College

Central Georgia Technical College offers an EMT-Intermediate course for those who have already completed EMT-Basic courses and wish to gain additional educational and training experiences. Students will gain further training in advanced life support needed to work with ill or injured patients. The EMT-Intermediate program is a 27 credit hour course and involves classroom lectures and clinical settings training. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be qualified to sit for the National Registry of EMTs exam for certification.

With seven different locations in the central Georgia area, you can begin your advanced EMT career through the accredited program at Central Georgia Technical College.

Chattahoochee Technical College

With seven different campuses located around Georgia, Chattahoochee Technical College offers an EMT program that may be a great fit for you.

CTC offers an EMT-Basic course through the Health Sciences program of the college. Students who complete this course can become EMT-Basic certified at state and national levels or may continue their training through additional education in the field of Paramedic Technology. As an EMT you will be qualified to work in hospitals, ambulance services, and fire departments, and may also work as a dispatcher, instructor, and medical equipment sales person. The skills and knowledge you will gain through CTC will enable you to provide the adequate assessment and care to injured or ill patients. These skills and knowledge include excellent communication and decision making skills, the ability to react well in high stress situations, work well in a team, the ability to operate medical equipment, and provide accurate assessment and recording.

So put your career goals on hold no longer, look into one of the seven Chattahoochee Technical College campuses, and begin your EMT career of serving individuals and saving lives.

Lanier Technical College

If you are in the Emergency Medical Services profession or wish to gain the educational background needed for EMS, Lanier Technical may have a place for you.

Lanier Technical College provides an array of avenues for you to begin or continue in your EMT training. Programs are offered in EMT-Intermediate, EMT-Basic, and EMT-Plus courses, as well as a Paramedic Technology Degree and a Paramedic Technology Diploma. Upon successful completion of all of these courses, students are eligible for state and national certification at their respective levels. EMT-Basics will receive training, knowledge, and skills at the basic level. EMT-Intermediates will gain additional training in advanced life support. EMT-Plus students will be enrolled in a program that is a bridge between the standardized EMT certificate program and the Paramedic Technology diploma program. EMT-Paramedic students will be trained at the highest emergency services level.

With 5 different campuses in the state of Georgia, Lanier Technical College offers many options of EMT training that may help you begin or continue the career you have always hoped for in saving lives and serving your community.

Rescue Training Inc.

By gaining EMT training you can be at the front lines of saving lives in your community. In Savannah, GA you can begin this training through Rescue Training, Inc.

Rescue Training Inc was established in 1992 and has provided years of specialize emergency medical and public safety training. Training can be obtained at three different levels to meet the needs of many individuals, no matter what their EMT career status is. EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate, and EMT-Paramedic courses are all available. EMT-Basic courses offer training in patient assessment, emergency room and ambulance time, and practices in dealing with bleeding, fractures, emergency childbirth and many more. The EMT-Intermediate offers 80 hours of additional training including, but not limited to, advanced airway devices and intravenous fluids. As an EMT-Paramedic you will be trained in providing the most extensive pre-hospital care to patients including administering drugs, interpreting EKG’s, performing endotracheal intubations, and using monitors.

So wherever you are at in your EMT career, you can gain the skills, knowledge, and experience needed through Rescue Training Inc in Savannah to begin or continue your EMT career.

West Georgia Technical College

Through the Emergency Medical Services program at West Georgia Technical College, you can begin training to become the EMT you have been hoping to become.

AT WGTC opportunities are provided for you to either acquire or upgrade your EMT skills and knowledge. Courses are offered at both the EMT-Basic and EMT-Intermediate levels. Those who graduate from the 20 credit hour EMT-Basic course can either take the National Registry Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) Basic certification examination, continue in the EMT-Intermediate course, or apply for admission to a Paramedic Technology program. Completing the EMT-Intermediate program allows you to take the NREMT Intermediate certification examination, work on an ambulance, and apply for admission to a Paramedic Technology diploma program.

So no matter where you are at in your EMT training or what your career goals are, WGTC offers different avenues of opportunity. One of which may be the track for your to begin your EMT training.

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